May 30, 2009

On bodily changes

I'm not 21.
Not exuding a pregnancy glow.
And definitely not workin' a Barbie tan.

I'm not a fan of everything in the JC Penney Juniors section.
I own Spanx.

And I'm working with what I have:

A husband I'm honored to adore.

A child I love to kiss.

Family I pray to bless.

Friends who've got my back.

Words to teach me.

God to guide me.

Moles, cellulite, spider veins, unruly eyebrows--t
hank you for making me interesting. Thank you for being the footnotes to my story. But don't you ever, ever try to steal the plot line.



Weza said...

So true Mindy, It can be easy to let those things 'take over'. Excellent creativly written reminder to keep it all in perspective

Heather said...

Love it!

Stephen and Megan Peters said...

Sister-such a groovy picture of you. Send it to me on a post card.. Life is certainly full of dents, bruises, dark spots ect. but they help shape who we are..and life is also full of so many many blessings. It's all in the details. I love you.

Drew said...

That gave me goose bumps. So very true!

Ashli said...

I'm gonna keep on a harpin' at the fact that I think you should start a compilation of poems/writings/thoughts...
Miss your beautiful face