May 24, 2009

Marlboro Man

...I realize that's what the Pioneer Woman calls her husband, but, that's what we called Marley LONG BEFORE I was enlightened by the Woman's musings. I swear.

Anyway, Marley's doing better. (despite the starved orphan look)

I thought of one pro to his having a cancer scare. He went from 26 pounds to 23.7 pounds. Much healthier for a Boston. He's back to his usual self.

Atta boy. Sick 'em.

Never mind that he has no idea what that means.


Andrea said...

Poor Wilder! I will remember to ask if Marley has kissed Wilder before I kiss his cute little dimpled face (Wilder's NOT Marley's!) haha!

Julie said...

Poor little Wilder. Ruby does that to Ori too. All that yummy milk (or spit-up in our case). Cute picture and I'm glad Marlboro Man is doing better. Miss you!

Weza said...

I have just lost two days of spare time reading Pioneer Womens black heels to tractor wheels tales! Thanks for the link... I think.