May 20, 2009


I found this note in the basement. It's from when Shawn was finishing up his degree, and I made him lunch with a heart note--he was in all kinds of art courses, including jewelry making. (unfortunately, that class didn't involve diamonds...)

It made me ponder a couple of things:

That sure was sweet. I need to write Shawn some notes.


In oh, let's say, 8 years, will I find some similar artifact, and, if so, will I like what it speaks of myself? Will I say, "aw, that's sweet; I was a cool person!"?

I want to. I hope to.

Disclaimer: I apologize if you think the note is too gushy or PDA. I won't be apologizing; it's part of the curriculum in the self-imposed, self-taught Assertiveness 101 class I'm in this summer. I'll let ya know what grade I get.


lily said...

As someone who has randomly stumbled upon your blog by pressing the "next blog" button...I can most certainly say your life is so amazing and you have so much happiness in it! I am so happy for you! And your little boy is so gorgeous and beautiful!

Yes, and assertiveness is a good thing--especially to stand up for what you believe in. Do not give in to what others may say--even if it sounds completely sugar coated.

Shannon said...

I'm in love with the fact that you aren't apologizing. Girls do it too much. Cute note.

Anonymous said...

You're the best and you always have been.


Weza said...

Awesome! I love finding stuff like that. A great reminder of your love for your man, that will stand the test time. :)
PS: Did you comment on my giveaway logged in as Shawn? You are the only link to a Shawn I know???

Ashli said...

Good girl!
Let that strong assertive women locked up in there out! :) I've seen her pop out over the years. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for, and I am soooo greatful to have you in my life. You are a bright star in the cloudy skies and the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, mmmm cookies!
Kudos for not apologizing...maybe you should think of a replacement word...
LIKE, hmmm... well, I don't know exacty...but it seems like a good idea.
I've been dying to talk to you, I was thinking that I might even try today at lunch, if I actually get a hot second to take a lunch today. I'm thinking hot dogs from my cart guy and walking around in the glorious SUNSHINE chatting with you! Sounds perfect!!!

Also, I love that you posted a little note. I recently pulled down my little (ahem, ok it's not so little, I'm pretty sure pulling it down is the cause of my back spasms) box of mementos...which happens to be full of notes, a great deal from you. It's amazing how I can go back to those notes and remember funny conversations (one that made me laugh was a reference to a conv we had while i was in wally world looking for a butter dish!, do you remember? it was right after i moved to nc), feel encouraged, uplifted, brightened, comforted, connected all over again. I'm so glad that I've kept them, they mean the world to me.
Every time I read through that box I feel inspired to write my friends and family. I always come up with a lot of excuses, mostly tied to insecurities....
But maybe that will be my goal this summer....
To write!
Goals are good.
Love, love, love you!
And miss you!
And hope for a serendipitous meeting (like the time we were both in Atlanta at the same time)!
Kisses to you and WILD-man!
(what a love)

katie said...

so cute :) i know i will always look back on every picture, card & memory of you and know that you are an awesome, cool chick.

Andrea said...

There's no shame in professing your love publicly! It's a beautiful thing! I keep Jason and I's letters to each other & love reading back through them. So sentimental!

Andrea said...

No need to apologize. Be proud you have those mementos to look back on and see how your love has grown over the years!
You have encouraged me to dig out my big box of memories and read all the letters I have kept over the years. Sounds like a great distraction so I dont have to dig out garage sale things! I might even have to post a fun one I find. Brenden and I have a lot of letters from our dating years since we were separated by many miles so often. I love reading those, it often brings tears to my eyes but then it is usually followed by a smile or laughter from something funny one of us said!!!!