May 4, 2009

Lil Bit O RetrO

My favorite Wichita store is Legacy Antiques, because it has one vendor offering 50s/60s (and some 70s but I'm not a fan), well, everything. No, I don't love all of it, but, yes, I like a lot of it. The other booths are worth combing through, too, but it will take you awhile (the store takes up half of a city block, it seems!)

We have to leave our wallets in the glove compartment, or we will get in trouble! (
ok, maybe this visit we bought a little something to hang over the fireplace)

I would love to shadow Dixie (she has business cards strewn about) as she scouts out estate and garage sales, auctions and flea markets. She has an eye for what Shawn and I like! And every time we go into Legacy, there's something new.


My, does Wilder look like Shawn. How did I get so lucky?
Us at Cafe Moderne on our HDD (no, not bra sizes! Hot Double Date)

What's your decorating style? Not everyone "gets" our style, and that's ok! My younger sister loves antiques (Bolivar, MO is overloaded with antique stores) and my older sister loves shabby-chic...and they both pull it off well; I love their homes.

What a privilege to have cozy rooms to decorate!


Hannah said...

Oh dear, I may have to come to Wichita, that store looks gorgeo

Stacey said...

Such a lovely collection of items definitely. My style is a little bit of that mixed with modern simple touches.

Shannon said...

Does Wilder think everything is fun? I might be that smiley at that corner of Legacy too. Gorgeous stuff.

Weza said...

Hi Mindy, I am not sure what my style is yet but I love that blue stool.
I like the idea of mixing new furniture with vintage accessories. I DO know that I dont like foofy frilly things.
I am sure my mum had cats like those when I was little. She prob still has them.