Apr 30, 2009

Wilder at 9 months!

It seems unreal that in a few short months Wilder will be mushing his dimple-clad hands into his first birthday cake!

Here are some highlights. I hope you've enjoyed watching our little boy grow. Thank you for making this be a place where I can brag all I want!

Where to start?

~sleeps through the night, but is waking earlier
~takes two great a.m./p.m. naps
~recognizes the song, "Itsy Bitsy Spider" if we say the name of it
~will turn the page in a book if you ask him to
~eats Gerber or Mommy's homemade food without much distaste for either
~gets up into the crawling position but doesn't go forward
~scoots backwards; rolls all over
~claps his hands together
~likes to bang his hands on my shoulder, the coffee table, toys...
~getting the hang of the sippy cup
~getting the hang of dissolvable Cheeri-o snacks
~cracks up when we tickle him
~makes grunting noise when he's excited
~sucks thumb, but only when really tired
~has said "da-da-da"
~loves the swings at the park
~engages in stroller rides as opposed to falling asleep during them
~wears hats/sunglasses without protesting
~splashes in the tub and sucks on the washcloth
~makes his own order at restaurants (see above)
~sits in grocery cart seat
~his hair is starting to curl on the ends (just a little)
~will walk forward with assistance
~will lean on furniture with assistance
~can pull himself half-way up
~no teeth!

I'm pretty much his biggest fan.


Erin said...

I'm his second biggest fan! :)
I'm sure all other aunties and g-parents will disagree..hehe.

Gosh, I can see Dunning blood and Harris blood...what a perfect combo!

And....Ohhh...my! His hair curls above his ears...I'm hoping he takes after is Auntie Erin and has a mop of curls abounding :)

Andrea said...

No, I think I'm his 2nd biggest fan! Wow I think he has lots of fans! Thanks for the pics, it brightened my evening.

Ashli said...

Mind what an angel!
I see so much of you in these photos, especially around the eye area. :)
Miss you, give Wild-man a big kiss and hug from his 'auntie' ashli (not that he needs another ;))

Broken Y said...

What a little dreamboat he's becoming!

Jenna said...

More and more boy and less baby all the time!

Anonymous said...

He sure is adorable! I can't wait for our two kiddos to meet:)

Cate O'Malley said...

So cute - such a warm, happy smile!