Apr 5, 2009

Wilder's 8 months old--wow. that went fast.


Wilder is changing so quickly! Even as I'm with him all day, every day (how blessed we are!), I still catch the changes, even some of the small ones.

Like today. When he looked at me, I felt like he really looked into my eyes ("oh, that's Mommy; she's cool).

He's my string bean cuddle critter and he makes me so happy!!

Some highlights:

~rolls around like a pop can down a hill; he gets into position like he's going to crawl-almost there!

~adding to his taste palette-he now has dinners of turkey/rice, chicken/noodles, etc. I've grown quite fond of the Gerber fruit he gets to eat, too. But that may be another posting.

~has said about 3 consonants. His favorite is "bah"
~loves books; smacks them, turns the pages, chews on them ~sits for long periods of time unassisted
~walks if someone holds his hands ~stands against furniture, with assistance

~laughs uncontrollably--especially when we tickle his armpits
~sits in his stroller like a big boy (no more baby seat inserted!)
~eats the dissolvable puff snacks

~getting the hang of the sippy cup

~weaning from breast milk like a champ
~sleeps on his tummy 1/2 the time
~if he had a tooth, you'd know by now!

~loud noises/crowds don't alarm him as they used to
~he's such a cool person

New toy from G'ma and G'pa Harris!

Enjoying some Seuss with G'pa
Whadya think of those baby blues?
Very first Easter goodies!
With little dissolvable puff treats in each egg!
Take 1!
Take 2: there ya go.


Weza said...

Hi Mindy, Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. It will be fun getting to know someone in another country.
Wilder is so gorgeous. You are very good at capturing great photos. I also love how you are keeping a record of all Wilders achievements each months. You will look back on these with fondness and will be so pleased you did.
Oh and I really like the new header.
Take care
Lisa xxx

Ashli said...

Yum, Yum, wanna eat him up!!
Love you guys, thanks for the Monday morning smiles, you know how it goes....

katie said...

i love starting my week with some Wilder cuteness! and his expression in the picture with the egg of puff treats is awesome. it looks like 50% frightened, 50% delighted :)

mommyjoymarie said...

Great post and beautiful boy!
Reed and him need a playdate soon - come on over any time!

Renetta said...

What a beautiful family photo. He is so adorable :)

Julie said...

Aww . . . Wilder's doing so many fun things! And I've said it before, but he is just adorable. I love all your new pictures. He's such a happy guy with a beautiful mommy! Miss you!