Apr 24, 2009

I feel for Little Miss Muffet

This is what happens (door to the bathroom):
When an arachnid of this size:Decides to hang out in my bathroom (on my sweet adorable son's baby tub).

Yes, I held my pee for a long time until I had to go into there.

Yes, I hovered over the toilet like I do at gas stations just in case he skittered into it & was hungry. Or mad.

No, I did not kill the spider.

No, I do not know where he went off to.

Yes, I risked my very life to get a snapshot for YOU.


Julie said...

You make me laugh! Good thing you don't live in the country. I now have a special "spider scream" and Ian knows to come running with a shoe. :-)

Such good news about Marley! Yeah!!

ianjohnson said...

Awww, those are the little, cute teddy bear spiders! I love how they sit back on their haunches and look up at you with their precious, shiny 8 eyes. I could just squeeze them to death!

Erin said...

Sister, you are hilarious-I think I say that on every one of your blog posts!!! Looks like just a house spider-not a black widow or brown recluse or anything to fear...btw how did the wasp in the kitchen ordeal go??? :)

Mindy M. Harris said...

Yeah, it's probably a good thing I don't live in the country--one of these days I'm just going to HAFTO be courageous and kill one!

Sissy--the wasp in the kitchen was some other flying bug that just looks like one. Shawn was going to spray for bugs this wknd but didn't have time until Sunday, the day it rained. So, maybe this weekend!