Apr 19, 2009

Poor Mr. Marley

***UPDATE as of April 20th***

Marley has a mass in his colon; let's pray it's benign. Colonoscopy in the a.m. and it will take a few days for the biopsy to come through. He gets to be home during that time, though! We got him a new bed and new toys! He deserves it after all he's been through.

Thank you for hearing me out during this. I don't care if people thing I'm silly. I just love my doggie!

Poor Mr. Marley.
Our "baby" before Wilder. Just a doggie but God says he also cares about the sparrows and the lilies of the fields--all living things.

Marles hasn't been doing well. At all. He'll go to K-State to be in their special care--for an ultrasound to see if his intestines are clogged with a) poo b) an object (toy? bark?) or c) cancer.
Please pray that Shawn and I have wisdom to do what is best for Marley, and also for our family, especially financially. We really hope surgery won't be needed.

Our behinds (thanks a lot for the butt shot, Shawn...) may not be beautiful to look at, but I'd give anything to be strollin' along with Marles right now.


Erin said...

What a sweet pic!!!
You guys and Marley will be in our prayers!!!!

Jenna said...

I am so sorry Mindy. Please keep me updated. Does this mean you will be going to Manhattan?

Mindy M. Harris said...

Shawn & Har are taking Marles tomorrow, unless the vet thinks he's on the upswing. We saw him today and he was doing better than we had anticipated!