Apr 21, 2009

April is National Poetry Month

If you had to go

Leave us, as in, leave leave.

My heart would utter a thunderous "no"

Salty tears would soften my cheeks
Yet I would try to understand

I wouldn't want you to hurt anymore

And I'd ask you to remember

That I've only wanted you to be happy

And cared for

I think you'd reassure me

Say something like

You know what the stars in the sky are for

Well, they're there to say

We're shining for you

And while we can't be there

To do life anymore

To be a constant

To comfort you

While the sky is

The only place we can go on

It's up to you to make us proud

And do it right.

Do right.

We know you'll do right.


Ashli said...

Beautiful, love it!
Marls and you are in my thoughts; it's so hard when part of your family isn't well.

Erin said...

I can truly appreciate and understand your sorrow, Sister. Now for a science speel I just can't help...God designed in us an innate love for nature ("biophilia") and all of His Creation...never for one minute feel silly for being so captivated and attached to yet another element of God's great design. I'm with you on this one, Sister...

Weza said...

That is a beautiful poem. Did you write it? WOW
Poor Marley, I will pray for him, and for you guys as well. Bless

Mindy M. Harris said...

These comments are all so precious; thank you.
yes, I wrote the poem for Marley.

katie said...

I love that picture of Marley and your poem is so beautiful. I completely understand what it's like to be caught in the uncertainty and helplessness with a sick pet, we just hope everything turns out well. In the meantime, I'm sure Mr. M is just ecstatic to be back home and filled with love.