Apr 23, 2009

Squacarrobroccoli--and yes, it was as complicated as it sounds

My friend Julie teaches full time, and is Mommy to Ori.

And she makes his food.

Um. Yeah. She's that amazing.
And not just because she makes his food--she also looks like Gwyneth Paltrow! I know, right? And she's a very precious friend.

So I was inspired (ok, maybe I felt a trifle lousy that I stay home full time and had never tried my hand at the whole homemade baby food thing/maybe I was getting tired of making $13 Dillons runs for baby food at 8pm on a weeknight when all my makeup has smudged off and my jeans are saggy and stretched out in the butt) to make Wilder some food, too.

I wandered over to this blog, printed off a few recipes, bought the ingredients. I was so, so excited! Ok, only a little. It seemed like it was going to be a lot of work, but Julie made it seem effortless (I think it's because she actually followed the recipes).

Problem #1: couldn't find all the parts to the food processor; we'd only used it once in our marital career--to make daquiries. Good golly, they better have been bud-numbingly tasty.

Problem #2: once parts were found (in basement on random shelf), I loaded aforementioned food processor with some food guts, but it didn't turn on (pulse for me, stupid machine! pulse!)

Problem #3: General Electric phone helpline was, in fact, no help at all (uh, ma'am? your 2 year warranty is up and I don't have any techniques for ya)

Problem #4: had to use regular beaters to mash the bananas and oatmeal

Problem #5: is it ok that bananas brown, even after they are frozen?

Problem #6: there are 2 types of squash and if the recipe calls for WINTER squash, you better get WINTER, rather than SUMMER--even if the summer ones are all Dillons has

Problem #7: how do you get the seeds out? Directions indicated to "scoop them out" but I bet that was for WINTER squash

Problem #8: steaming vegetables will coat walls with a layer of dew if you have no exhaust fan over your stove; praying our paint doesn't crinkle

Problem #9: broccoli stinks

Problem #10: the fact that there are only nine problems

Finally (there is a happy ending):

#1: my neighbor graciously let me borrow her fully-functional food processor

#2: Wilder ate the carrots/broccoli/SUMMER squash combo without a gag or facial scrunch to boot! Yay.

Gerber, I get it.


Shonda said...

I'm impressed. I didn't try this with my older one, but should have because he ate anything and a lot of it. My other son doesn't like baby food so anyway...
Glad it worked out for you and that Wilder scarfed it down.
Blessings, Shonda

Andrea said...

Way to go Mindy! Making little wild man baby food will be alot more healthy for him! Maybe you should invest in a new food processor, I dont think they are that expensive! Miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Ashli said...

This gave me a MUCH needed giggle on a loong friday afternoon on a day that pretty much everybody else decided not to come into the office, so i got to do my work AND theirs!!
Sheesh, one of those days!
Miss you ladybug,
Might try to give you a ring this weekend...

Julie said...

1. Thank you for your way-too-nice compliments. :-)
2. I'm sorry you had problems and stressful situations with your blender and ingredients
3. The foods I made sounded WAY easier than what you made for Wilder (I would have bought whatever squash was in the store too)
4. Ori doesn't eat very much yet so the fruits of my one hour work and few dollars will last a LONG time and Wilder may eat it up very quickly and it may feel like all you do is make food. So, don't feel guilty or like you have to make his food. Just see how it goes (that's what I'm doing).
5. WAY TO GO for experimenting and trying it! I'm glad Wilder liked it.
6. Can't wait for play dates in the summer! (and cake decorating!) 3 more weeks with kids. . .
7. And you are a dear friend!