Apr 16, 2009

Where is my resolve?

While yesterday may have been a dud, today was success! I was up by 6:40am, in my gear and out the door by 7. I was disappointed when I came home, looked at the clock, and saw I was only gone 35 minutes! Time to get a watch! It was wonderful and I hope to get myself hooked. I ran one long stretch, walked for a bit, then ran another long stretch. I have no idea how far I went, though. Gotta figure that out.

Here's what my body had to say:

Lungs: uh, really?
Shins: will you please run on the grass?
Right knee: no!
Boobies: we're all right!
Ears: love the Madonna, but get some muffs! *brr*
Eyes: the river sure is purdy; we like watching the sky turn from grey to orange
Mind: this feels right; no distractions!

Original post:
Thanks for visiting my blog. Today I'm talking about fitness.

Does wrangling an 8 month old around count as exercise (a darling 8 month old, might I remind you)? Does scouring the tub and mopping the floors count? Because that's the extent to which I'm getting fitness in these days, ladies (and gentlemen? man? do any men read this blog?).

In my pre-baby days I was what some might classify as a gym rat. I miss those days when I was actually ok with wearing Victoria's Secret yoga pants with the fold-down part at the top--yeah, the clingy ones. Oh my...I found my IPOD shuffle last night, turned it on, and there was Madonna, oh, the tempo--my wonderful "you can do it" music. And I really, really, really miss the days of pushing my body.

So I sporadically made a perhaps too lofty goal to get up at 6:30 every weekday to go jogging. Yeah, I can do that. I'll set out my clothes the night before. I'll glide out of bed as a gazelle glides through the golden forest.

See? I set my clothes out!
My new shoes, boobie girdle, pit-stain free t-shirt (I only have one):

So did I go jog today? Did I? Uh, embarrassingly, no (cracked my eyes open about 7:00am). Will I try again tomorrow? Absolutely. Baby steps. I can do it!

I will.


Erin said...

Love it sister...
That is so ironic that Ryan and i started our new routine of waking up BEFORE class to workout the same week you decided to. Must be a sisters thing.
You can do it....It only takes like ten days or something to make a habit. :) That's like one week.

Erin said...

Just realized I said "like" twice...woah...trying not to be that girl. :)

Shawn said...

To be fair, that t-shirt is mine and if you get pit stains in that one I'm hiding your boobie girdle.

love ya.


Erin said...

Way to go sister!!!! Isn't it such a good stress-reliever...
laughed at the what my body was telling me section....can totally relate!!! ;)

P.s. My BIG Mary Kay order came in today...so FUN!!!! (I want to keep it all)

Julie said...

Yeah! I'm impressed. Never been much of a runner (more of a walker as I give in to what my body says when running).

And, your shoes look really cute!!

Jenna said...

Good for you on day two. I bet that felt amazing. Keep it up! You deserve that peaceful quiet of the morning.