Apr 7, 2009


It was time.

Time for a little getaway for this tired husband/wife team.
We went to Winfield so Wilder could stay with Grandpa and Grandma Harris. He behaved splendidly and maintained his streak of sleeping through the night. That's my boy.

We got to stay in a B & B, go "country cruising", shopping, photo-taking, champaign-drinking, Mexican food-eating...I think that's what we used to do before Wilder arrived? Sometimes I just can't remember what life was like!

That's ok!

Gear up for some pics, folks.
Alot of pics.

I'm going to learn how to sew little aprons. I am, I am.
So many owls...so few coins with which to purchase them...
One of those stores where I just wanted everything!

This was in rural Dexter, KS, off K-15 (we found it while exploring); they don't have a website. Pretty cool place; take your kids to watch them make candy!
This made me think of: NURSING!
We bought peanut clusters, peach rings, saltwater taffy, and candy corns! All for less than $10!

Also on K-15 are these little cabins one can rent for $75 a night. Our guess was hunters probably use them since they were out in the boonies.
Boy, were they cute (the cabins--we didn't see any hunters).

Stone Barn Mercantile
I could've lived in that barn. Not a lot of inventory but the barn was great to gape at.
Visit the barn's website here.

Shawn made the locker pic my header!
The only new thing about the barn? the windows.

candles, anyone?

Junk shop pictured below was closed; it, too, was in the middle of nowhere...I peeked in the windows and found it was packed floor to ceiling!

I think Kansas is purdy. There. I said it.

On our way to a cemetery; we saw a sign and decided to make our way down the dusty road.

Sign out front of the Iron Gate Inn. Click here for their website. You should stay there.
The breakfast was divine; a real proper tea party.
This is the side of the house; my favorite part was chatting with Shawn on the front porch, pretending like it was ours!
Glad you could get a glimpse into our adventurous weekend.
Give us a camera and a map (er, uh, Garmin), and we're set!


TheHappyNeills said...

ooooooooo love this! i want to stay in a cabin in a field! our anniversary is coming up....hmmmmm.... :)

mommyjoymarie said...

Glad you got a weekend away! Looks like you had a good time - love the pics!

Weza said...

How good is it to get away? I love the pictures in the old barn.

Jenna said...

Great pics. Glad to see your fun, fun weekend away. I've heard about that candy shop in Dexter and hope to go sometime.
You need to visit http://paperlili.blogspot.com/ I read her blog and she just did a post on one of your favorites!!

katie said...

oh how fun! what a nice, relaxing time away for the two of you—you both deserve it. and if you want someone to 'test' your apron creations, pick me!!

meg duerksen said...

i have never been to winfield? how?
clearly there is an antique store that is calling my name!
good for you for getting away. you have to do it...every year at least once. more if you can. it's so good for your marriage!

your pics are great!