Apr 27, 2009

This is by Maya Angelou (I love it because it speaks of love in old age)

I have come to speak of love
of its valleys and its hills
its tremors, chills and thrills
I have come to say I love love
and I love loving love
and I, surely, love
the brave and sturdy hearts
who dare to love.
Today, these lovers
have broken the bonds of timidity
and stepped out
before the entire world to say,
"See us, family and friends
denying none of the years
which have branded our bodies
and none of the past broken vows
which have seared our souls.
You may think this undertaking
Should be left to younger hearts
But love has given us the courage to venture
boldly into the sacred country of
marriage, admitting our wrinkles,
we allow them to
show themselves bravely
and our bones know the weight
of the years.
Yet we dare
face down loneliness
and embrace the
uplifting communion
found in a good marriage.
We dare and we hope."

Happy Monday...yes, it is a happy one.

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