Jun 11, 2009


I have come to the conclusion that I should never, ever cut my hair short or dye it dark:
Uh huh. Leave the pixie cuts to the 90-lb pixies.

Don't you love going through closets for garage sale inventory?

I have also concluded that Harold Symmes (1878-1910) was a crazy talented poet. It pains me to leave you with only two of his pieces. But do this I shall, as I know you have other places to be, other things to say, zillions of tender feelings to fashion, many dreams to mold...

Love's Rhythm

Because you heart went singing,
Mine sang too;
And straight my life went swinging
To a rhythmic, joyful ringing,
Because of you.

Because your heart must sorrow,
I grieve too;
In tears to-day, to-morrow,
A deeper life I borrow,
Because of you.

Because all love in giving
Bears love anew,
I greaten in this living
That hymns the one thanksgiving
Of loving you.

And this one, because my friends rock:

A Friend

He shared his every pleasure,
Gave all great-heartedly;
And yet I felt some treasure
Was still denied to me--

Something I could not borrow;
Something he would not lend;
Until he shared his sorrow.
Then--then he was a friend.

(derived from Harold Symmes' Children of the Shadow and Other Poems, New York Duffield and Company, 1911)


The Boccias said...

Yeah, that doesn't look like the Mindy I know. Ummm, sort of know. Through your blog and one in-person meeting. :) Anyway, I love your real hair and as a matter of fact, I would rather like to have it.

Katie said...

While I love blondie mindy, I think the pixie is cute on you.

Andrea said...

I dont remember seeing that wig in the garage sale, is that a keeper??

Mindy M. Harris said...

oh yes we kept our wigs--who knows when we (or someone else) might need one for the Witness Protection Program or a play or something?