Jun 2, 2009

There are angels in my life; you just can't see their wings (for now).

I've written on friendship before. Perhaps it's because I've realized that the aroma of sweet relationships mends the soul more miraculously than I thought. Perhaps it's because I don't want my friends' beauty or sheer preciousness to go unnoticed or unappreciated. I can't reiterate enough how my friends have helped carry my clunky loads and provided encouragement at, oh, just the right times.

For the past 2 (?) years I've spent Monday nights with small group friends and have been honored to know their hearts. Intensely grateful that they sought to know mine. Even though this is "good bye" until some other season, I can't help but think, "Goodbye means I was fortunate enough to enjoy a hello."

I know deeper elements of God's character now--I would not have known these things without knowing the dreams in these girls' hearts. Dreams He formed for them. I love God more for allowing me to know these wonderfully made women--daughters after His heart.

Girls, you make this world spin a little lighter. You make my cheeks hurt from smiling so often. I'm grateful for you; in awe as you graciously, beautifully, touch lives every day. Be blessed in your loving. Blessed in your mothering. Blessed in your creating. Blessed in your comings and goings.

of them.


Broken Y said...

What a sweet group of angels. So glad you have them!

Andrea said...

How nice to have a great group of friends so close! You are very lucky, wish I had that here in Salina.

Les said...

somehow I missed this one. I think you were the angel in disguise!! Hope I get to be in group with you soon!