Jun 28, 2009

Taco Bar Partay

We have a charming, covered back patio that we don't enjoy enough. Despite the intolerable upper 90 degree weather, I took a gamble and hosted a patio party for some momma group friends. A storm happened to be brewing so we lucked out on cooler breezes that swayed my new paper lanterns to, fro, to, fro.

Some of us lingered over wine and turtle pie until 2am! I haven't stayed up that late since ye ole college days. It was refreshing to spend time with these enchanting women. And the food was amazing. I made 4 lbs of beef (which, consequently, was far too much).

humor me: Shawn took Wilder to grandma/grandpa's for the night, so, I got to sleep in this morning!! I anticipated reading and lazing around until they returned. However, I locked myself out of the house when letting Marley out to potty...

I was in a t-shirt and undies...so I couldn't ask the neighbors for help.

No phone. No food or water. Sweltering heat.

No pants.

Fortunately the radio and fan from the party were still out, so I flipped those on and snuggled with Marley on a lawn chair til Shawn returned. I'll refrain from detailing my attempts to get past the patio door for fear that you'll conjure images that wouldn't honor the gracefulness and ability required to position one's partially-naked self on a wobbly chair whilst wielding (rather effortlessly), a screwdriver overhead.

Shawn returned within an hour. But still.

I was in my underwear!


Weza said...

What started out as a fairly innocent post surprised me with hilarity. I wonder will husband let you live that one down? Ever?

The Boccias said...

Ha ha ha! I'm glad you didn't have to be out very long like that. Your taco party looked fun!

Julie said...

Oh, Mindy . . . this post calls for your most beloved text-talk phrase: LOL (Sorry, but I couldn't resist). That is too funny even though I'm sure it wasn't humorous at all at the time and not how you planned to spend your morning.

Your party looked so fun and I'm sad I had to miss. Wish I could have been there and can't wait to hear about it tomorrow night!

Wade and Megan said...

Too funny (maybe not then but now hopefully)! Good thing it was only an hour.