Jun 22, 2009


Two out-of-town weddings in one day. That was a first! What fun! Alot of work with a nearly one year old, but, so, so fun!

Couple #1

Couple #2:
More pics to follow! (gotta unpack, pick up the dog, buy formula, make cupcakes for class tonight...)


Andrea said...

How fun, cant wait to hear about it! Guess what, I may be joining you guys in Colorado for part of the week!

Weza said...

Hey Mindy, I am back reading you again, I have peeked in a few times along the way as well. :) Two weddings in one day?.. I am looking forward to the blog on how you managed that with a little one.
Wilder is getting cuter by the minute, and that highchair is just perfect.
Glad you liked the bag hook.