Jun 24, 2009

Wilton's got some tough stuff!

So you know I'm taking a cake decorating class. Our last session is next week (owl cake was my 2nd project). 
My thoughts: cake decorating is not really my forte.

It requires things like:

"steady now"

"hold your hand at 45 degree angle at 6 o'clock and pipe towards yourself"
(and I don't even know if that's right)

The rose was a disaster. I do not have the patience.

In a sneaky way I'm mostly doing it to hang with my friend, Juls.
I can do that & still eat the frosting, right?

Oh, good!
Yep, it was good.


Bethany said...

Way cute... so have you figured out what you're going to make for Wilder's 1st? Miss you!

Julie said...

Ummm . . . not your forte? You're pretty much the star of the class. I LOVE your owl cake and was excited to see the completed project.

BTW: You are my favorite part of the class and I wouldn't want to do it by myself!

See you soon!

The Rouse House said...

You're too hard on yourself. That cake is so fun!! You do a great job!

Amy said...

The owl cake is so cute! You're very creative.

The Boccias said...

You're funny. I love the owl cake! I'm curious to see how the roses turn out since you and Julie have pretty much predicted dismal results. I have confidence in both of you though!

Andrea said...

You did a good job! I tried something way over my head for Ali's birthday party (which I will be posting about) and it made me cry. I decided it's not my forte, but I think you are on the right track!

Weza said...

That cake looks fantastic and yummy as well. Im curious, do you take the cake with you, or bake it there, or is it provided??? It looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Dustin says: "nice hooter!" LMAO!!! I couldn't resist. . . he's looking over my shoulder trying to get out of it. So. . . now that you have this new impression of my husband. . . . want to get together sometime? : )


Ashli said...

An owl, my favorite!