Jun 18, 2009

A *vintage* chair way up high!

I've gotten a little hooked on garage/estate saleing. Have you??

Shawn clears the table off Wednesday evenings because he knows come Thursday afternoon, it will be toppling over with saleing treasures. "Babe, Look what I spent your money on found!"

My latest find:
a new old high chair for Wild Man:
A pretty good deal at 5 bucks if I must say so! The sun was bright and pretty tonight so I took advantage of the lighting. Wilder's kinda used to being in front of the camera. Can you tell?

Do you see those curls?Hope the neighbors don't mind my using their pretty stone house as a backdrop!


Jenna said...

looks like money well spent! I can't believe your little guy is STANDING next to the chair! So big!

Drew and Kyle said...

He is so cute, Mindy. I love his little curls.

About the sewing class, I looked into it and it is $50 a session (who knows how many I would need haha) plus materials and yo have to bring your own sewing machine. NOT worth it! I'm looing into other options.

Anonymous said...

These are such great photos. I love em.


Anonymous said...

you leave him outside? let the poor kid eat at the table with you.