Jun 9, 2009

Garden of Eden

I've been keeping a secret from you.

No, I'm not pregnant! What am I? Crazy?

It's just that we've been friends for so long and I've failed to mention that I live next to the Garden of Eden! The National Enquirer can search no more!

Our neighbor lady spends every spare moment in her backyard. I've even seen her vacumming it with this wand thing. There's no grass; just these beds and millions of plants. She's let Shawn borrow some limb-trimmers...a subtle hint for him to "please trim all your stuff that is growing over into my yard."

She works days. I sneaked into her yard (life's all about taking risks, right?):

The sun kept going back behind the clouds, ruining my "lighting."

Maybe I'll post pics of my plants next. Yeah, right.

1 comment:

rugglesrus said...

Those pictures make me want to eat flowers. They look delicious! Your blog is intriguing and I love reading your goodies :)