Aug 3, 2009

Chicken (or Vegan) Soup for You

Perhaps you will recall that it takes little to rattle me. That, 90% of the time, I hold my head steady.

What? Why are you laughing?

And that only a few times in my life will I write about feelings of failure, sadness, mortification.

I mean, what's the point? This is the internet, after all, and I would never want to be a Downer Debbie for your soul. If this blog is not Chicken Soup for You, then, well, I quit.

Not really. What I mean is, it matters more to me to be transparent and truthful about the highs and lows of life, rather than bear my pearlies (which, by the way, I do want fixed again; still have an overbite) on a seemingly impossible basis.

So, I give you this: I pulled a total bratty, baby move and made Shawn do most of the work yesterday. Sunday. The. Day. Of. Rest. And he's at work all the time. Yes, so am I, but, we tend to take the teamwork approach when it comes to Wild Man. I feel ashamed today. Ashamed my bum left an indention in the couch, and, uh, our bed. But so appreciative I have a man who lets me take a break.

As I mull it over a little more, I'm leaning toward forgiving myself for not always embracing the mundane tasks set before me . The loving Wilder part? That's the easy stuff. The rest? Meh.

Confession #2: I'm deathly afraid of shorts and have yet to meet anyone who will convince me that it's okay to wear them, even with a tan and cellulite cure (neither of which I possess). So I tromp around this land in blazingly uncomfortable jeans (muffin top).

Confession #3: I could've been kissed on my Sweet 16 but opted out for fear of having bad breath (metal mouth).

Confession #4: I haven't washed my hair since Friday.

Confession #5: I secretly wish we would've left the green carpet, heavy vintage drapery, and kitchen wallpaper in our house to preserve the mid-century feel (I wasn't as obsessed with this era as I am now; oh well, we will find another "time capsule" someday)

Confession #6: I received lots of roses from beaus in high school (I was fabulously thin), so, in order to differentiate whom they were from, once dried (this was a weird trend back then), I color-coded the stems with nail polish. I also had an obsession with kitties and Laura Ingalls, uh, Wilder.

Whew. That feels better. Goodnight.


Jen said...

Hey, I've pulled that bratty move a few times myself, but I think it's all part of the give and take of any marriage. Sometimes you just need a break, just as sometimes he will as well.

Regarding your hair confession: I can't remember where I saw it, but some hair expert said that hair really only needs to be washed once a WEEK, and to condition on other days. I have not tried the conditioning-only for a week straight, because I think it would just make my hair feel limp and overly oil-laden. But not washing every day? I seldom do anymore. My hair gets too dried out otherwise. So take heart -- you're only following the expert's advice on not washing your hair! Just pretend you're emulating Laura Ingalls Wilder. SHE didn't wash her hair every day either. ;-)

Jenna said...

I haven't washed my hair since Thursday, so you're good. :) Love your honesty.

Kate said...

you make me laugh!! :) I could share some of those SAME confessions....;)

Anonymous said...

OH Mindy you make me laugh!!! You have such a good husband!;)
Don't feel guilty, cause we are not super mom (and we don't pretend to be) Just be yourself and enjoy life, and don't worry about the other stuff!(it will be there 10 minutes before a friend comes over, that is when I clean)
Love you

Andrea said...

Wow, no one would want to see me if I hadn't washed my hair since Friday. It would be extremely greasy! So, be thankful you can actually have good looking hair and not wash it!