Aug 8, 2009

My GiFi's

My pals have helped me recover from near hyperventilation attacks over Wilder's "stuff" (not wanting the bottle, fits on the changing table, ya know, those kinds of things). Our sons are very close in age--we've already discussed what it'll be like to be mothers in law...

Thanks for the grand evening at P.F. Chang's, girls. Felt like the odd woman out in my work blazer (what was I thinking? oh, yes, it's because I flipped through my new September Glamour edition for outfit ideas), but had the time of my life regardless.

You are spirited and beautiful.
Wichita better keep up.

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The Boccias said...

Oh how you make me laugh. At least you're forward thinking. :)

Sophie just saw this picture and said, "Look at Julie! She's beautiful!" She does love her aunt Jules!

Glad you all had a good time together.