Aug 22, 2009

Perfectly Yummy

Wilder is vibrantly embracing toddlerhood. I'm getting there.

Snapshot of his birthday: we grocery shopped, lunched with Daddy at our favorite mexican place, and caught up with my former coworkers at the Kansas Health Foundation.
All was right in the world.
Until I checked our mailbox. A card for Wilder from G'ma and G'pa Dunning read:

...when we first saw you, we couldn't believe how beautiful you were! But you are even more beautiful to us now-one year later.

...each time we see you, we are blessed just being near you...your huge smile and sweet nature makes all things better in our lives.

Good gravy.

I held it together as best I could, but, seriously?

We mustn't forget the evening's festivities. I made Wilder a rainbow cake (as featured on the Whatever blog) that we enjoyed, then passed along to Shawn's coworkers. I misordered the colors, green should have come before blue (ROYGBIV). Oops.

We didn't give Wilder a lot of cake because he still has 2 more cakes to mangle. ;-) yay, parties!
These gifts seem boring--a sippy cup and baby Nutrigrain bars? But, we'd alreay given him a bunch of goodies (couldn't wait).
Wilder, you are perfectly yummy. How blessed we've been to have you in our lives these 368 days!


Julie said...

Wow! That cake looks AMAZING!!! And I just love the little birthday sign you made for Wilder. It was so fun to have lunch with you all today. See you soon!

Heather said...

Looks like a fantastical birthday!

Ashli said...

I love it!
I totally want that cake for my b-day this year!
You are such a good mommy.
Loved seeing the new photos
See you soon..?!?!

Andrea said...

You did great on the cake! Love it!

Jenna said...

Cute birthday photos. Wilder will love to look at all of the photos taken as he grows. My nephews love to look at their photo albums.