Aug 6, 2009

Colorado, I am besotted. I betrothe myself to thee.

I'm making my way thru vacation pictures.
We live on a grand continent, yes we do! After just a day in the car (it felt like a week) we found ourselves tiny ants amongst those gigantic, seemingly aloof, mountains. Tourists in a land of dreadlocks, cargo shorts, cycling. This compels me to take similar journeys more often. If it only takes a day to get me to a place where I can learn, snoop, be befuddled, and be in awe, then, I'll do it.

Where will you go?

The sky breathed fire for us, as if stung by the brunt of humanity (her pollutants and ungratefulness so often raised as an unworthy offering) below. Nature is violent but beautiful, perhaps laced with mercy, and we are given, yet again, a sunset--to envelope our innards--to coax us toward giving.


Ginger said...

Hey - thanks for the comment. Great blog! Your boy is adorable!! I bet flying with a 1-year-old is probably an entirely different experience. :) We'll most likely be flying again next summer... so maybe you can give me some pointers! :) Avery & I are hitting the road tomorrow for a 12hr drive - pray for us! Joe can't go, but a friend of mine is, so that'll help...

jen christians said...

Hi I found you through Julie Johnson's blog... Just snooping. But I HAD to comment because we (great big poofy heart) Colorado too!! It is just amazing! I really like your pictures. I also love your estate sale finds. So much fun. Oh, and thanks for ruining my diet :-) because I went and bought the stuff to make those cookies from your previous post. I guess I could just bring them over to all of my neighbors. (MAYBE)

Anonymous said...

Your vocab intrigued me. I had to look up besotted - I had no idea.

It means: Irrationally in love with OR to be really drunk. I kinda feel both when it comes to CO.


jen christians said...

Hi Mindy thanks for the nice comments. I know Julie through Sharla (Julie's sister) we used to teach together. I also watched Ori this past school year a few days a week. She (and Sharla) are some of the sweetest people I have EVER met! Your son Wilder is ADORABLE! I have to think he looks like his dad.. I think our husbands work very close to one another too. Mine works for Airbus. They are "work neighbors". Small world. Take care, and I am so happy to see all the positive things you write here. Especially about adoring your son and husband, I feel the same way.