Aug 10, 2009

Colorado, Part XIV

Wilder has the best grandparents EVER, on both sides.

When we were in Colorado (surely you can hear about our vacay one more time?) Shawn's parents watched Wilder so we could make a getaway to Estes Park and Boulder.
We stayed at the cutest B & B. When we arrived, the hostess was spraying a bear with pepper spray. Apparently the Gingerbread Bear (locals call him that due to his coloring) is almost two years old and a bit of a pest. We were just glad he gave us bragging rights. He was quite the conversation piece over our breakfast with a couple from San An, and the other from England.
We took an air-tram up to get a better view of the Estes area.
I'm not a fan of heights but I did it anyway! Who would've wanted to miss this?:
Is it ok to admit that I really want to hike every trail on every one of these mountains? So much beauty. The streams were so clear--I wanted to drink the water, swim in it, do a VO-5 hot oil hair treatment in it...
Thanks, H & K, for watching WildMan!
Lastly, below are some snapshots of the cabin/relaxation time/landscape/Estes:
This is the last thing, I promise.

The cabin was built in 1950 or 60 (I can't remember), you can imagine the array of vintage treasures it contains. It was all I could do to not take a plate set, 2 salt/peppah shaker sets, set of canisters, wall hangings, lamps...none of it was mine.

And that my friends, is torture. A very sad, sad thing.


TheHappyNeills said...

Do a VO5 hot oil're hilarious!!!

Weza said...

That is a spectacular view. Whew what a wonderful holiday. xx

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Wilder in the NRA hat. Cracks me up.


Ashli said...

Love it!
Makes me ache for the mountains.
Saw Julie & Julia the other day and absolutely adored should watch :)
Also...I mentioned to my mom that you might be interested in the women's writing thing that she goes to every year and she would love to talk to you about it. Right now my dad and she are zipping their way through more than a dozen states in her little sassy convertible (can you imagine!?!)
So you should probably wait a week or so to give her a ring.
Please also send Shawn's # so that we can talk shop :)
And most importantly our flights are booked and would love to see you and wildman in sept!!!

Andrea said...

Love that you got a picture of the bear! Oh, and the air-tram picture made my heart drop. You're brave! =)

Ryan and Erin said...

I was going to comment on the NRA hat, but Shawn beat me to it. Would make Uncle Ryan proud... :)
The pictures are amazing...I want the gingerbread bear! EEEEEEE!!!

jen christians said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Estes Park! So glad you guys had a great time... I am also not a fan of heights, but the Aerial Tram is pretty sweet!

Jenna said...

SO enjoyed viewing your vacation photos. Thank you for sharing them here.