Aug 5, 2009

Estate Saleing Report

Well it's not technically a report since I've only been to one estate sale in the past several weeks, but, I found a couple of neat things I want to show you!

I had a million better things to do but the devil on my left shoulder kept saying, "just go to one sale, it won't hurt."

So I did. The family was running it, so, things were el-cheapo!

Item 1: Felt owl bulletin board
Items 2 & 3: Vintage Wilton foil cake pans ($.50 each):
(Although I do not have a daughter, I had to get the Strawberry Shortcake one; I'm fond of her and loved the cakes my mom made us as wee ones)

Items 4 & 5: Boontonware melamine bowls

Item 6: Boontonware melamine platter:
(the cookies are Kill.Er. Click here for recipe)

Item #7: Small turquoise vase perfect for the mantle
A total of $3.25 spent. Well spent.

While we're on the topic of vintage, click here to shop a kick-butt Etsy store I recently discovered. I'm salivating over the s/p shakers on page 1!


mommyjoymarie said...

That vase is beautiful! I might have to look into "estate saleing." Very nice report...I give it an A!

Julie said...

Those cake pans are SO cool! I'm so glad you found them. And those cookies look marvelous. I might have to go make them . . .

Julie said...

just made the cookies! They are YUMMY; thanks for the recipe.

Amy said...

Wow! Job well done! You hardly spent anything! Good finds.

Weza said...
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Weza said...

You really are a very clever shopper. Love the cake tins. Stylie as we would say in NZ.
Popped over to the etsy store I can see why you love the s&p shakers. You never know maybe somebody will bless you. ;)
xxx L

Andrea said...

I've been wanting to go to estate sales since you wrote your first post! I pass by them, not wanting to haul all 3 of my kiddos through a house filled with people and things! Someday I will! Great finds. =)

Anonymous said...

so anything come in the mail yet?

Mindy M. Harris said...

Uh, no, nothing in the mail!! I know who "Anonymous" is, I think!