Aug 16, 2009

He is my beautiful.

Our sweetheart Wilder turns one in T minus three days.
Three days. Pray for me.

Sometimes my mom answers the phone, "Well, hi, baby girl." I noticed it tonight. Because I get it. I get her.

After Wilder has left the safe cocoon of the home we've built for him, I'll ache to hear his voice. To want to know he's okay. I'll say, "hi, Beautiful."

But you've got time, Mindy! Yes I know and am grateful for that, but if the first year has gone by this fast, tell me what am I to do about the next 17? I have a few ideas: not stress out, kiss him alot, tell him he's special, let the dishes go, play in the dirt, hold slimy things, do multiplication tables and volcano projects, show him the world.

The world may never be ready for him, but we'll get him ready for it.

And though my arms will always be held out wide for him, they cannot extend as far as he must, and deserves, to dream.

Someday, he will go.


The Rouse House said...

Beautiful post and picture. My heart understands where you're coming from. Exactly.

Heather said...

It's so bittersweet, isn't it? Amelia turns one tomorrow, and I am feeling so blue. Well, happy for her and sad for me. It's so hard to watch them grow!

Kate said...

Darn you Mindy! You got me AGAIN! I will have 2 boys leaving their mommy!! BOO HOO!! That idea and thought can bring me to tears in an instant! I can def. tell you that the 2nd year is EVEN BETTER than year can see their little minds soaking it ALL in! Enjoy every moment!! :)

Tasha Blair said...

The one thing I have to constantly remind myself is that my children are God's children that He has lent them to me for a very short time. It helps me to cherish the moments more and to remember that tantrums and messes are just God's way of reminding me that no one is perfect. Its really a great lesson in unconditional love. Amazing how a small child can teach us the biggest life lessons when we let them! Great post. My heart goes out to yours!

Shannon said...

My baby girl enrolled in high school today. It's shocking that the world doesn't see her as a baby girl anymore but I always will.