Feb 5, 2010

6 months pregnant!

Have I mentioned I'm just excited about this baby as I was with Wilder? It's different, of course (not as much time to bask in the moment), but I'm still really elated to have another little person to love on and raise. When Wilder was fussing yesterday, I told my mother in law, "that's it. We're only having two!" Decisions like that should never be made in the heat of the moment...
The first part of the pregnancy went really slow, but it seems to be picking up speed. We are four months away (I am 24 wks) which seems pretty significant some days, then like not a lot of time other days. I am very much itching to get going on the nursery. I had help (thanks A & B) last weekend organizing office stuff into keep, sell, donate piles. I even found a simple changing table for $10 on CraigsList. I've decided to go with an organic/naturey theme so we don't have to paint.
How I'm feeling: pretty darn good. Just that same pressure and some heartburn. I've even been able to sneak and sleep on my stomach about halfway. And we've been so busy that I fall asleep fairly quickly...no more worrying about Indians and semi-truck drivers. Gosh, I am so weird, and you're still reading my blog?

Here's today's heart pic:
His/Hers towel set from estate sale
Stone heart magnet from Europe (D, is it from Germany?)


Sarah said...

you look ADORABLE. And just glowing!

Heartburn during pregnancy is the worst, isn't it?!

Taverli said...

Mindy you look great!!!! I hope to be as lucky when I start to have a family :) How is Wilder doing since his fall? Love reading your Blog as always---Take care friend!

dee said...

It is from the Czech Republic!

Andrea said...

You look beautiful, and Wilder looks adorable! It was wonderful seeing you last weekend and helping out. Hope this coming week is a little easier for all of you.