Feb 16, 2010

Flapjacks, eggs, bacon--of the felt variety

For some reason our calendar doesn't get busy until Thursday, so Wilder and I have been getting creative with things to do. By that I mean we've mostly gone shopping (groceries, new baby stuff...). Ok, maybe some beauty products too.

I really needed that mini-facial at the Clinique counter.
I'm a Mary Kay die-hard but Shawn and I share Clinique's Mild cleanser because it doesn't dry us out in the winter.

On another note, I've been anxious to talk about Wilder's new felt food. It came in the mail from my bloggy friend, A, during the 2010 Great Deluge of Crummy and Unfortunate Events, Harris Edition (by this I mean Shawn's sickness and working loooong hours and Wilder's leg stuff, and other stuff). So...one would think felt food would bring cheer, not tears, but I was so overcome by this act of kindness that I did indeed cry. Thank you just doesn't cut it, A.

I fell in lust with the felt food showcased on A's blog in December, and left several comments
begging for her to make some for Wilder--and I would pay for it. She can do pizza, pasta, and quesadillas, too. Oh my word the cutest playfoods ever.
But she sent breakfast "on her" as she's still perfecting her art...although I think she's practiced enough and needs to open an Etsy store.

What do you think?

Wilder (and mommy) loves his breakfast set!


Eric's Mommy said...

I have always loved play food! How cute!

TheHappyNeills said...

I love felt food but that's one thing I never got around to making that I thought I would. :) Do you have basic sewing skills? I bet you could TOTALLY make a ton of food items for Wilder yourself! You wouldn't even have to have a sewing machine.

Tami said...

Aww! That really is neat! I was at dillions and saw this really neat pizza puzzle deal. It had all the peices for a supreme style pizza you could move around, and even a pizza cutter. I am thinking about going back and getting it! Ryan and I would love to play sometime during the beginning of the week if you guys are bored! We get very bored around here too :-(

Michelle said...

Love the felt food too!! I recognized it as a creation by A right away!! She does an awesome job!

Ashli said...

Very creative!

Andrea said...

very sweet post. i'm glad you and w are enjoying it. <3