Feb 17, 2010

Doing today well

For a brief spell I was transported to my former workplace...I decided to take Wilder after our library time today--he likes to show off his "peg-leg". With my makeup and hair done I felt like I could make an appearance...oh, dear, why am I so silly about that?

Being there, seeing the familiar artwork, smelling the officey smells, passing by my old cubicle, visiting with former coworkers, reiterates that my stint there seems a lifetime ago. Even though it literally wasn't.

We can become so immersed in our experiences, good and bad, that it's seemingly impossible to picture any kind of end to it. I really made the most of my time at work, through the highs and lows, knowing I was in just the place God wanted me. Let's challenge ourselves to live each hour, feel each breath, because someday, what we were going through will seem like a lifetime's distance from the next place we go.
Life's a conglomeration of endings and beginnings, new opportunities, rebirth.

We're not stuck

All the more reason to relish my time with my sweet family. Inevitably, I will wish to return to that time of "oh so inconvenient" breastfeeding, or of sharing things so novel and exciting with my children (like nature and the museum and dinosaurs...). Our wedding? A lifetime ago. College? A millennium ago. Career person? Not sure when that happened.

I am thankful for today. Today is something I can, will, and want to do.
Once I've laid my head to rest, usually at midnight or so, there is no more today.

There simply isn't.
Mommy and W at Meetup's Valentine's party--W may have a lazy eye like me when photographed...but he's still my adorable baby.And some chocolate--adds no editorial value to my post, but who cares? It just looks so gooey.

Love you all.


Kate said...

once again, perfectly said my dear! You are gorgeous and it is so nice to hear your heart! :)

Weza said...

Fabulous post. You have been going deep lately, and it is really truly good for my soul. Bless ya

Jenna said...

Love you sharing your thoughts.