Feb 18, 2010


What I am reading:
What I am cleaning:
Who I am kissing:
What I am folding:
Who I am pulling (and kissing, and carrying):
What I am eating:
What I wish I could touch:


Weza said...

Wonderful. Those hearts are just so neat. I think i shall steal that idea for next valentines. How good that must be for your soul. A gentle reminder of his love for you.
Now im guessing you are posting before bedtime, I am reading this over my morning cuppa. It amazes me how our worlds are just so far apart, I do life while you sleep and vise versa. Hope your sleep was full and deep. Bless

Les said...

You're so cute, Mindy!!

Andrea said...

How fun are those notes! I guess that is the bonus to be married to someone artistic. Brenden would never dream of doing fun, cute notes. Oh well, he is still perfect for me even on rough days!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! So cute!!

Ashli said...

Love the last photo! :)

Erin said...

haahaha..I saw a senior pic of shawn in the "what I am cleaning" pic..funny!