Feb 8, 2010

I am...

my mother's daughter.

We both really, really, really, really dig people.
We both have round, childlike faces that shave off a couple years from our real ages.
Why, yes, I'm 25.
We both get frazzled. Not gonna lie.
We both use baby oil to remove eye makeup.
We each adore books--not only their content, but the smell of worn, or new, paper.
We each are experiencing new life in Christ.
We're both obsessed with our cameras and will have it in your nose at every gathering.
We're both aware of our stress levels and when we need to take a break.
We're both pretty perceptive and empathetic.
We both need our calendars. How else will we remember stuff?
We're both broken for the suffering of mankind.
We both give our dogs too many fattening treats.
Neither of us are fond of conflict or how to deal with said conflict.

We'd both do anything for our babies.

I guess I'm more like my mom than I thought.

What a lucky thing.
Mommy praying at Sissy's graduation ceremony last May.
Mommy and us playing with makeup. Megan was selling her Mary Kay at discount and we were all bidding...will you take five dollah, five dolla? Ok, five dollah, five dollah.
We laughed and snorted so much.
I knew that's what heaven'd be like.


Jenna said...

Fun to read about how you're like your mom. What a wonderful thing to reflect on. (and you're right, your faces do make me think you're both younger!)

banban said...

Mothers are the best. I'm like mine in some ways and not in others but boy do I love her!!!!

Michelle said...

Moms and sisters are awesome!! So glad mine stopped by for a few hours this afternoon while traveling through on her way home!

Megan said...

oh, tears, tears. How beautiful.
We would not survive or be who we are without our mommies! That night was soooo fun. So much laughter and joy-heaven. Love to you sister.