Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

It wouldn't really be all that nice to brag that I got breakfast in bed this morning, then was given permission to roll over and sleep a little longer.

It wouldn't be that nice to tell ya about all the heart stickies/sweet notes all over the house, either.

It'd be even less tactful to tell you we danced in the kitchen to Mr. Sinatra, with our spaghetti-stained kiddo curiously watching.

So far that's been my Valentine's day (thank you for letting me brag), and I'm so, so thankful for these wonderful things, and for the man I married.
Our ride as parents has met some valleys, and indeed it is challenging to keep Shawn before Wilder. We're working so hard on it.

To keep it real, our date Friday night got totally botched, but we still had fun. We (I) wanted to see Valentine's Day, and since we were in a hurry to be at the movies by 8, we drove through Sonic for some burgers. Once we got to the theater, the tickets were sold out (opening night). As plan B we couldn't go sit in a booth at some fancy dinner place because we'd already eaten. We did the next best (or better?) thing and snatched some donuts at the Donut Whole..they had live music so we stayed awhile.

And we only brought out the iPhone twice. For baby name search purposes...
Today's heart picture:Baby and I, at 25 (!) weeks. I did an edge blur and sepia treatment but that is the only editing. My nails are uneven, fingers becoming sausage-like, my belly button's a little ugly, I have a scratch on my hand, and sandpaper knuckles (winter). This is me, an imperfect mommy.

I won't always, or ever, have my nails done
In fact I've grown to biting them
Must be fretting or stress
You know the best
Know these hands always mean well
They are most beautiful entwined in yours
I promise I will put my ring back on
When it's not so tight
I promise to try not to pinch your nose
As much.
I promise to cover my mouth with these hands
When I can't say something nice
To rub your back
When you're weary
My hands may not be pretty
But they will love you forever and a lot
I won't always, or ever, have my nails done
I wash a lot to keep germs at bay
My hands may not be pretty
But I promise they will love you
Well and alot
Rub your neck when you're tired
Hold your hand at the doctor
Wipe your bum when it's dirty
Stack blocks like a nerdy
Share cookies flip books' pages
Stir mud pies bandage owies
Drive you here drive you there

Wave goodbyes, embrace you in hellos.


Weza said...

What a most wonderful valentines day! You have such a beautiful relationship with your hubby. That picture is perfect, unedited perfection. The poem DIVINE. Happy Valentines Mindy.

Kyle said...

I must be the only momma I know with stretch marks! What a beautiful belly shot, and what a cute couple you guys make.

Shannon said...

I'm also covered in stretch marks and would never be able to post a pic like that but yours was beautiful and your day sounds like it was positively lovely.

Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet self with me just minutes before trying to make your date happen. I feel so special!