Feb 7, 2010

Heartathon Day V

I should be housecleaning.

I should be making cookies for SuperBowl tonite.

I should be working on Bible study homework.

I should be catching up on "correspondence."

I should be napping.

But I feel like a big poopy butt for not doing daily heart photos, so, here's today's, a Valentine card and a bookmark Wilder made for Daddy (at Botanica's Family Fun Fair; Wilder wasn't a fan; not quite within his age range):
And I got something awesome in the mail from my favorite aunt: vintage childrens' magazines. They are so going in the nursery:
Lastly, let's just say the nesting phase has officially, uh, commenced:
Seriously need some blackout shades for W's room. Lesson learned for the second baby. Toodles!


Andrea said...

I hope you are keeping all those clothes for future nieces and/or nephews you may have! NO....not any yet.

Jenna said...

Oh, the great clean out! It seems like we did that MULTPILE times when preparing for our little baby. Where does the stuff come from? And why does stuff bring stress? Everytime we eliminate "things" and take them to a secondhand store, we feel huge relief. Yet we buy more....