Jul 3, 2010

4th of July Kick-off

Fireworks photos by my friend, Jessica Ross

We'd never been to any of the concerts that were part of the Summer Concert Series at Bradley Fair. But we didn't want to miss their 4th of July concert and fireworks Thursday night.
It seemed the whole town was there. We met with my friends from MeetUp. I was the designated "modesty maven" for the little girls who needed to go potty on the portable potty chair...I held up the blankie.
Wilder was awesome...he hadn't been up til 10:30pm in a really long time. Story was a good girl, too, even during the fireworks. I'm the only one who cried because I was scared about the noise being too much for the kids. Yes, folks, I cried.
Ring around the Rosie

We were responsible and brought the camera but it didn't make it out of the car. We looked like pack mules as it was. Iphone pics do the trick.
Also, thanks for your wonderful suggestions for a red/white/blue dessert. I'm going to do this one. Brownie mixes were only .$75 so I was sold!


Eric's Mommy said...

Happy 4th Mindy!

breitenbach8 said...

Awesome. My photos made their first blog appearance :) Next time you leave your camera in the car tell me so I can take some of your beautiful fam!

Jenna said...

If I had known you didn't have a camera I would have insisted on catching one of Shawn and W when they walked by. Fun to see you there.