Jul 10, 2010

Summer days

Our week flew, but I was still glad when Friday rolled around. It's a treat to have Shawn's help on the weekends.

Here's Wilder and I at Osage Park. Story was relaxing in her stroller.
I haven't taken many pictures of the kids together, so I dragged out the camera as we were waking from naps:
I am blessed!
My hair needs colored again. Well, poop.
And just for fun: here's WeiWei...quite the entrepreneur. Lemonade stands still exist! I hope the kids want to set one up when they're older...

We passed WeiWei's house on the way home from the park...I flipped a u-ie and went back to check out her stand. 1/2 cup of lemonade was $1! Steep price. I told her I only had $.55 and she said, "that'll work." She was really excited to have her picture taken.

What's your favorite moment of summer so far? Mine is when Story was born!


Eric's Mommy said...

Does WeiWei have a cup on her wrist like a bracelet? LOL

I'm with you on the hair coloring, I normally dye my hair red. I can't do blonde I would look awful, I always have to go darker. I'm in desperate need of a re-dye.

My favorite part of the summer so far was kayaking over 4th of July weekend :)

Gma Kathy said...

Great pictures and post! My best part of the summer so far is each time I get to see Wilder and Story - wish it were much more often!!

Kate said...

you look like you're doing so well Mindy!! CUTIE pie kiddos!

oh and my fave moment of summer so far? going to the lake!

Natalie said...

Cutest kids ever :)

Sorry I just skipped right past your sweet comment the other day! Yes, my sis-in-law made Calla's onesie and shoes, we both add/make stuff to SoSweetBaby... anyway she has a few more things up on her etsy store so you can find that here:


And if you want a pink or different color onesie and shoes or whatever just email me or blog me/facebook/whatever and I will get it to ya!! :) I love that print too!

email: sosweetbabe(at)gmail(dot)com

Have a fabulous day!