Jul 8, 2010

Wilder's hair

Our boy's officially a hippie. We can't bear to cut his hair.

Wouldn't he fit right in with the World Cup competitors?

Time for a trim, soon, Love, but when does Mommy have time for that?


Julie said...

I love his curls. I vote leave them alone. After all, you truly don't have time. :-)

The Boccias said...

Yeah, you don't have to cut it yet! In fact, I'll be sad if you do. He's SO CUTE.

Andrea said...

I love his hair the way it is!!

Mindy M. Harris said...

we won't be cutting his curls all off..but i was thinking a trim might help them be bouncier and add some "shape"...it's pretty unruly right now. we'll see!
i'm glad you all like them.

Anonymous said...

Our almost two year old boy has curls very similar to Wilder's. I was so afraid to cut it...thought the curls would be gone forever. Finally I did because it was starting to get in his eyes..and people were telling me how pretty my little girl was.... I'm so happy to say though that the curls stayed!!!! As it's grown out again it's just as curly if not more so!!! LOVE IT!!