Jul 21, 2010

What child is this?

In one of our rare conversations (always interruptions!) I told Shawn that there's an ice cream truck in the area that plays "What Child Is This" instead of the traditional ding-ding-da-ling (or whatever) kiddie song to alarm customers.

Quite baffling.

Until we met the toothless ice cream man himself and commented on his choice of jingles for the truck. He said it was either that or "Home on the Range" and he'd rather listen to the former all day.

...where seldom is HEEAaaarrrdddd, a discouraging word, and the skies...

Okay he has a point.
Obey the safety clown...clowns are creepy.
Felt kinda bad for the guy; that's not how I'd want to make a buck.
Bye bye ice cream man.
I get to live with some pretty gorgeous men, no?
And here is Story debuting her Nutcracker moves:
And look at these pretty lips I get to kiss all day!
She's a hoot.


Sarah said...

That's fantastic!

and story looks adorable in that outfit!

Weza said...

In New Zealand there is a franchise of ice cream trucks called Mr Whippy. They all play 'what child is this' as their tune. I grew up hearing that song and attributing it to ice cream.
These days I tell my children that the ding ding of the ice cream truck (here in Australia they ding ding) means they have run out of ice cream. I have not had to buy one yet. :)
PS Story looks too cute in that outfit.

Angela said...

Here in England the ice cream trucks are Mr. Whippy and Mr. Softee...not gonna lie, the ice cream men aren't as creepy and the trucks look much nicer.

They play "What Child is This" also, but it kinda makes sense over here because that song is actually a traditional English folk song called "Greensleeves". Interestingly enough they think that "Greensleeves" was actually written about a prostitute. Kinda funny that they play it on an ice cream truck and very interesting that is was later a song about Jesus.

Bethany said...

Ooh, ours plays La Cucaracha and is still blaring his music past 10pm. We are not pleased, and therefore, have not given him any of our money. (But the idea of cucarachas running throughout his icecream bins doesn't help him either.)

The Boccias said...

Your children are SO beautiful. Golly.

Chelsey said...

Oh man ... The Icecream Truck brings back fond memories of living in Wichita!

TheHappyNeills said...

That's really funny... I know it's really Greensleeves, but not a lot of Americans know that song, we just know it as a Christmas tune!