Jul 20, 2010

7 years!

Happy Anniversary to my nerd.
circa 2004. cruddy 1st appt. halloween.
Ok, I'm a nerd, too.
circa 2004. halloween party at nursing home. i wore those flipflops during my wedding reception.
that's the real horror.

Shawn, seven years ago, we dove in, young and vulnerable, eyes wide shut.

We hit some potholes, as everyone does, but that makes what we have stronger.

You are:

doting daddy

These are things I love about you and I'll publicly profess it til the fat lady sings.

Tonight I loved sharing turkey melts and mac/cheese with you and watching Big Brother. :-)


Julie said...

Happy 7 years!! You two are such a neat and special couple. And the nerd pictures are too funny.

Weza said...

A match made in heaven by the looks. Happy Anniversary!

Sarah said...

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!
You guys are adorable.

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures! :)

Ashli said...

Happy Anniversary and Cheers to many, many more!

Chelsey said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Natalie said...

Happy 7 years to you!! :)