Jul 25, 2010

Story, 2 months

Here we are. Two months from when Story graced us with her beauty and perfection. People ask me how she is and I say, "hilarious." She truly is so much fun and just silly.

Story, in case you are going to be reading this when you are twelve (or in case I'm going to be reading this when you are off to college and I'm in the pit of despair), here's what you are like at this age:

Super strong...you hold your head up well, hold all your weight on your legs, and roll from tummy to back.
Love to eat...especially during the latter half of the day.
Go to bed around 10pm, nurse at 3am and 7am. So it only feels like one feeding. Thank you.
Still prefer to be held during awake time but are getting used to some independent time in your swing.
Notice patterns on our clothes and fixate on light fixtures.
Coo a little. You are quieter than Wilder was (except for your crying).
Smile more and more.
Take such wonderful, cuddly naps with Mommy.

I love you, StoryGirl. You are forever my light.


Tami said...

She's beautiful!

Andrea said...

It was wonderful getting to hold her for a few minutes yesterday. Wish we got to see all of you more often!

Weza said...


Cottage Industrious said...

She's beautiful! And I am so thankful she has such incredibly loving and sweet parents!

Bryan and Chelsey said...

I love her eyes!