Jul 13, 2010

Christmas in July

We spent the day at home so I had to think of something to do.

A gingerbread kit from Christmas that I hadn't opened yet?

Why, yes!

Of course Wilder was more interested in eating the candy, but he was still a wonderful helper. He didn't much care for the sound of the mixer, though (for the frosting).

His eyelashes should make Maybelline wither.
As he gets older it will be rewarding to share my love of baking (and dough) with him.
A fun morning!
Story sportin' her birthday suit; lots of rolls for Mommy to wash!
I think her eyes might not stay blue; they are pretty dark.


Erin said...

Have to comment on that pic of STORY!!!! Those ROLLS!!! Hahahaa...want to get my hands on that girl...
Love the gingerbread idea...
Wilder's lashes are mascara-commercial worthy....maybe someday he will let us just try a little mascara just to see what they would look like?? ;) Still workin on Ryan on that one....
Love you xoxoxo
Aunt Erin

Weza said...

deliciousness, the boy, the girl and the gingerbread house.

Michelle said...

As I Christmas lover, I was very excited to see the gingerbread house this morning!! What a fun mommy you are!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Mindy, you are such a fun mom!!

Those babies are blessed to have you.

Jenna said...

Love the project. Such a great idea

Julie said...

Ori just saw this picture of Story in the bath and said "CalCal." Cute. I told him it was Calla's friend, Story. :-)