Jul 12, 2010

The three troublemakers-together again

And one could argue just whom the troublemakers are: the mommies or the toddler boys!

Fun in the fountains today...Grey and Ori went for it. Wilder...not so much.
He was more interested in nature:
Or the girls:

We successfully wore the boys out! They sure are beautifully different.
I think they'll be buds for a long time. That means their mommies are stuck with me, too!

Thank you for today, L and J. Girls night, next?


gb said...

I love your pics! And your blog. Let's get together when I get back and share some thoughts. I am so glad we are neighbors. You will have to give me tips on taking pictures.

Julie said...

It was such a fun morning/afternoon. Loved seeing you and Liz (and the babies). Looking forward to girl's night!!

Carmen said...

What fun ladies! I love that I know all three of you from totally different seasons and spheres of life.