Mar 2, 2009

The blueberries are just little purple spots!

Don't have a theme, here, just letting thoughts tumble...which goes against all my tendencies to create "flow"...

#1--A monumentous occasion: my 2000 Plymouth Neon that I bought in college reached the 100,000 mile mark. And I'm just now realizing I've never named the tin can that has carried me over Kansas hills and to surrounding states the past 8 years...maybe Noelle? She has a gash in her side--when I accidentally rammed her into a pole blocking a gas pump--I backed into the pole and she became wedged into it. You guessed it, I cried. Serves me right for being in a hurry. Rather than fixing her (the problem was aesthetic & she was already beautiful!), I used the $ to pay the lien. You can't miss us, flitting about town, cool as cucumbers...her scar is rusty now.

My love for her, to be real with ya, a little rusty, too...

#2--Eggo blueberry waffles do not contain real blueberries. I already knew this but was just a little disappointed when I read the nutrition facts & could pronounce few words. What are: cellulose gum, py--pyrih---pyrodoxeee---pyridoxine hydrochloride, & maltodextrin?

#3--Finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. Regardless of your opinion of Oprah, it was on her 2008 book club list, which is what turned me to the book. I had to wait and wait for it to become available at the library. It's a story of epic proportions; the main character, Edgar, had hold of my heart. The story made me want to learn sign language and include Marley (our boston) in more family stuff. Wroblewski's ability to weave words, well, it knocked my socks off and gave me a pedicure while it was at it.

#4--I feel anchored again. Got to see my family briefly, well, some of them. I felt like I was flailing a bit until I spent some time with them and now I feel back on course. It's hard for me to articulate how they carry and empower me. I
love them.

#5--And because I'm always thinking of those in the workforce, especially on Mondays (I didn't like Mondays when I was employed; still kinda don't), here's a pick-me-up:

There. Feel better now?


TheHappyNeills said...

Happy 100,000, whatever your name is!!! I so wished I got a pic of our odometer hitting 200,000. Ended up with 266,000 or something before it had to go to car heaven :) It was worth more as scrap than we could've sold it for! :)

katie said...

WHAT?!?! those aren't real blueberries?! i'm sad. and apparently, ignorant.

i love your random thoughts, and the picture of W sure makes a good ending to my 'workday'.

also, in regards to your bailing halfway through the month of daily workouts....that's longer than i would've lasted if i were a mom, so i'm VERY impressed with you. besides, isn't every single day with Wilder a fun workout? :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I just about wrecked into a median trying to get that picture of the odometer turning.