Mar 9, 2009

A full house

I love hostessing!!! It's like a high...this weekend, they were over in drones (oops that's a male bee--let's just say there were alot of people thru) and I relished it. Ok, I had my frazzled, frenzied moments where I'm sure I lost brain cells (why am I opening this closet? get toilet paper, yes, that's it), but it was wonderful!

Shawn's sister, Andrea, turned 30 on the 6th. She is not only family but a dear friend of mine. And she handled "30" with beauty and grace. And she's totally cool--always volunteering and doing home & crafty projects.
The 2 blondes of the family. And that's plenty, people. Trust me.
A & B at Olive Garden--so gracious when we were 30 mins late!
Andrea in her adorable apron we found at Target!
I love that these flowers are only $1 a piece @ Dillons!

Ok, new topic now. Thanks for sticking with me through this lengthy post...Here are Amy & Dave (being uncommonly serious)...bride and groom to be. A, Kathy, & I hosted her shower here. We lost count at 18 guests; the living room was packed!

I wish I could claim I made these tuxedo brownies...Andrea's culinary talent at work...

I tied a leftover shower balloon to Wilder's entertainment! Isn't he sweet?

Now I'm off to re-clean the house, re-stock the fridge, and...nap!


Julie said...

You are such a wonderful hostess and everything is always so perfect. Looks like fun! And Wilder's pictures are precious like always. :-) Miss you!

Wade and Megan said...

Andrea is looking way cute in the fancy apron!