Mar 18, 2009

Meat to the Loaf


Kinda grosses me out but I eat it anyway. Most of the time. If I don't think too much about the whole, uh...process.

I was hesitant to try meatloaf as I've only made it once before, but these miniature loaves were delicious. Love the whole portion control thing...

And it was fast, like 10 minutes prep time fast.

(yes, I eat carrots with most meals; it's better than the "pop" biscuits loaded with bad stuff; but you'll see I didn't skip the mashed taters!)

Click here for the recipe.

With warm weather around the corner, I'd prefer not to run my oven as frequently. Anyone have some tasty grilling recipes? Time to put Shawn to work!


Amy said...

Looks good! I love Kraft recipes. Do you get the magazine in the mail? It's free and it comes 4 times a year... stuffed full of fun/easy ideas!

Shawn said...

Amy--no, I don't get the Food and Fun magazine but I've been meaning to sign up! This recipe was from an older issue of Food and Fun that I got at a Book/Mag swap!
(not sure why it always shows as Shawn)

Andrea said...

Looks good. I usually make meatloaf in my mini loaf pan, but in my muffin pan would be great too!!!!