Mar 11, 2009

Perms stink

Still wondering if there was serious consideration of a) the consequences b) my self esteem/self worth c) fashion d) the very health of my hair prior to my receiving perms.

See for yourself.
Exhibit A (I'm on the right)
Exhibit B
Exhibit C--not a word about the carrot top. not.a.word!
Exhibit D-what is up with the sweat pants?
Exhibit E-"I said the donkey, shaggy and brown, she carried the mother up hill and down" (it was a Christmas song; I had to sing a solo and absolutely did not want to. at. all.
I was partially crying thru it)

Exhibit F-mountain woman, and, oh my gosh.

Ain't Shawn cute in his visor and track socks? OMG! (didn't want to leave him out of this post...)
Oh. dear.


Amy said...

HA! Loved this post... I was also a victim of perms. Sometimes given by my mom. Talk about poor hair health! :)

Julie said...

That last picture of Shawn made me laugh. My sister and I had perms all growing up too and they were pretty back then, right? Or maybe not . . .oh, dear! Fun to see these pictures!

The Boccias said...

We woulda been best friends. I see myself in your mountain woman picture.

mommyjoymarie said...

I, too, had a a perm or two. Exactly two. They fell right out of my thin hair. I identify with your mountain woman picture as well...what WERE our parents thinking? :)

Andrea said...

Stinkin' Hilarious!

Taverli said...

Mindy those pictures are too funny!!! I remember the "sweat pants" days--what is worse is they were always matching and in neon bright colors!! Recitals at Living Word--always precious!! Thanks for the good memories!!

Les said...

You absolutely crack me up! You're a bright spot in my day!

Erin said...

Sister, these are hilarious. I didn't realize how reddish/orange your hair was :) teee hee.

Wade and Megan said...

Love the perms! I had a quite similar style until one day we realized I had naturally curly hair.

Mindy M. Harris said...

Megan Lynn..that is so funy!

katie said...

ok, I couldn't let this post go by without posting a comment.
Thank YOU for humbling yourself to the rest of us and posting those pictures. You're such a cutie. Don't be embarassed, those are Awesome with a capital A!
I can't say that any pictures of shawn ever surprise me, b/c he still makes funny faces today. But I do think Wild would look sweet with a reddish permed 'fro.