Mar 25, 2009

It was good and I made a mess.

Mommy traced me and drew my fingers free-handedly...they look kinda like flower petals. For the record, my fingers aren't that chubby!
Testing to see how far my fingahs will fit in my mouth. Yep, it's pretty far.
Oh bless me I'm happy!
I am ready for the desert and I'm not sure why because I'm not planning a trip there anytime soon. I haven't even been past Missouri yet.

Part of my bedtime routine is touching the bright orange lamp. You'd think Owl would be excited for me but his expression never changes. Dummy.
This nice old man came to the house to bring mommy some flowers. He drove a van with the letters M-O-O-R-E on it. Mommy was happy to get the flowers because it means Daddy loves her.

Oh, and I had blueberries & apples for dessert today. It was good and I made a mess.


Jenna said...

Wilder is so happy! So glad you are able to enjoy beautiful flowers.

Julie said...

LOVE the flowers! How sweet and special.

mommyjoymarie said...

Those big blue eyes get me every time - beautiful!

You are such a good mommy!!

Ashli said...

Ah Mind, I miss you girl!
What a happy, gorgeous baby...and you were right, he did keep those big, bright, beautiful blue eyes!!!
I got to have a couples date with Kyle, he is looking great (as always!); his other is wonderful!
It was so much fun to hang out with a cute couple. It made me miss you sooooooo much!
Give me a call when you get time...I know you're busy, busy and I'm never quite sure when's a good time to call...
I would love to catch up on all the goods!

katie said...

i love Wilder's posts!! what a sweet baby and sweet husband!

i was amazed that Wilder could fit his fist in his mouth, so Todd decided to try and do that too. He failed, big time.

also, someday i would love to know what products Wild puts in his hair to make it look so awesome. until then, i am assuming he rubs applesauce through his lovely locks.

Mindy M. Harris said...

Katie--I use Eucerin Aquaphor ointment on Wilder's hair...after I rub it on some dry patches of skin I slick it thru his hair; whoever said you have to have a girl to do stylish "dress up-ey" things was WRONG!