Mar 23, 2009

My darling

We are together you, and me
Two peas in a pod

You are my darling
My song my love

I bless the Lord
For giving you to me


Amy said...

Great pictures! His eyes are AMAZING!

jen christians said...

I got to your blog through Julie Johnson's... I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful little guy. What a blessing kids are! Take care!

Drew said...

Hey Mindy this is Drew coopers uncle i well help you with mosaic any time you want its really easy! and fun!!

Julie said...

This makes me tear up! BEAUTIFUL pictures! Did you take them?? I just love these little boys we've been blessed with.

katie harris said...

whoa...what happened!?!
last thing i remember, i was looking into those blue eyes, and the next thing i know i was riding a unicorn on a rainbow and eating cupcakes and it was raining lollipops. it was awesome :)

can wilder come visit seattle??? PLEEEEEEASE?

Mindy M. Harris said...

Thanks for all the comments; yes, I took the pics!