Mar 30, 2009

It blizzard-ed but they still got married

Shawn's cousin Amy married Dave this weekend & I was able to get some good pictures! Shawn ushered and I did Amy's makeup (talk about pressure)...

Purdy soon I'll learn how to arrange photos differently, so it's more of a collage, for your viewing pleasure. For now, you'll have to scroll, scroll, scroll!

A rare Mommy/Wilder photo! (@ rehearsal)..we have the same eyes!
The beautiful couple
I nearly stole her bouquet!
Sarah and her family!

For dipping into the chocolate fountain!

Flower girls
The Blanton's!
Cute, young, skinny girls
G'ma Dorothy & Drew
Sarah, Katelyn, Steph
Amy received a handmade necklace from one of her admirers, Callie.
Uncle Jim with Wilder (who loved Jim's whiskers)
Reading with Great-Grandma Dorothy
Grandpa Chet bestowing blessings and wisdom. :-)
Pretty Sela and her daddy, Joel
WildMan happy and caught up on sleep the next day; he survived!
Look at that gummy grin! Still no teeth...
Should Shawn adopt this look? Vote now!
A & B--they stayed with us; we had a blast, as true ornery colors come out when I'm around them...thanks for putting up with me, guys!


mommyjoymarie said...

Great pictures! My goodness, does one of those little flower girls look like Katelyn!

Weza said...

what a beautiful cake! Looks like it was an amazing wedding.

I vote YES

Julie said...

I love the cake! So unique! And little Wilder looks SO happy! Cute pictures.

katie said...

that cake looks awesome! too good to eat (almost). and i love Wild's dapper wedding outfit. that hat and the vest....he's a heartbreaker already.

and i'm still on the fence about shawn's look, but i'm sure todd would vote 'YES, but with more beard'.

Broken Y said...

Thank you! We were soooo snowed in! Couldn't even get down our road! Amy is just a doll!

Jenna said...

I LOVE that cake. So beautiful!