Jan 13, 2010

20 wks, 5 dys pregnant--over halfway there!

Baby Harris No. 2 (Eenie Meenie) is fairing well, although I've been scared that I'm smashing him/her as I sneak in little lying on my stomach sessions. I am a stomach sleeper, so that is by far my most "sacrificial" thing about being pregnant (that and not eating cookie dough)...then after you have the baby you still can't sleep on your stomach because you have two things extremely full of milk to think of...it would maybe make sense if I could use them as flotation devices atop a water bed, and still lay on my stomach...but our bed is normal. Too huge for our 1950's sized bedroom, but normal.

The best part about the appointment was that I got to go solo and have a Panera lunch/reading date with myself afterward (!!). Wilder hung out with Viktor and Lillianah for the morning. And he didn't even poo when he was there. ;-)

Good gravy it was so nice to have some time to myself.

This pregnancy has differed in that my "womanly innards" are more relaxed , so any hint of pressure feels like a lot of pressure. But mostly, I think about this baby constantly, wondering if it's a boy a girl, wondering at his/her appearance, praying for good health. Wondering at the adventure and sleepless nights ahead. Excited at how Wilder will respond to a new creature in the house.
Speaking of my WildMan, behold the new kitchen set:

I'm a trifle excited about it. I can play with this thing a lot better than crashing dinosaur heads together. Boom Bang Roar I will eat you Crash No Ahhhh Chomp.


Kate said...

you are positively gorgeous! and your descriptions kind of, sort of, (shh, don't tell) make me want to be pregnant again. Oh Gosh...did I just say that????

Tami said...

You look great! I slept on my belly the whole 38 weeks I was pregnant. My doctor said it was ok as long as I was comfortable. Of course, sleeping on my belly in the 3rd trimester was more of a "side-belly" thing, but it worked out. I just cannot sleep anywhere besides my belly.

The Boccias said...

You do look amazing! And ha ha ha at Kate!!!

Jenna said...

Mindy, you are so stinkin' cute! Doesn't it feel wonderful to get to that over half way mark? Glad W got his kitchen and you got some time alone!